Now is the time for yoga- atha yoga anushasanam

Yoga is more than just the physical practice. It’s finding the balance between life (work, family, friends) and yourself.

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This Yogi Mom, Vanessa Jackson is a 2014 graduate of Wake Up Yoga’s 250 hour Comprehensive Foundational Teacher Training Program with Corina Benner, Felicia Graham Comisar and Kate DeRosa Howell. Fueled by love and the desire to learn more, Vanessa continued her studies in Yin Yoga with Corina Benner, Restorative Yoga with Karen Sapphire and Vedic Thai Massage with Mukti.


Take a mOMent

We know how great it feels to get in a 90 minute yoga practice but the hardest part seems to be finding the time. But, Atha yoga anushasanam- Now is the time for yoga. Take a moment for yourself. While you’re waiting for water to boil for tea, someone is taking a nap, or instead of …

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Wake Up Yoga South
Wednesday 9:30a Vinyasa
& 6p Yin
Once A Month (OAM) Restorative the first Sunday of the month- *mostly

City Fitness
Sunday 10a

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